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Ivanna Nechay is a distinctive phenomenon in the world of music. She was first announced in 2008 in Odessa with release of her promo-album Shunjata, that mostly included authors music founded on a symbiosis of the ancient ethnic tunes and a current electronic sounding. While promo was being prepared for release, the music was being published in the internet and becoming more and more popular among the wide auditory in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the USA. At the same time Ivanna was shoot her first video for the song Nastya, 6 months later her second video The smell of life appeared.

After finishing her promo in February 2009, Ivanna Nechay gathered a band and adapted her songs for the rock sound. As her popularity in and around her native city had been constantly risen, so some thematic parties have been organized.

No longer than in June 2009 at the Black Sea coast Ivanna reconstructed the Ivan Kupala celebration, where during one day modern people could experience the ancient Slavonic traditions.

In June Ivannas band fought for a territory of Kuyalnik coastal salt lake, at the ecological festival The salt of the Earth to oppose a barbarian plundering of the Kuyalnik National park.

In the autumn of the same year a peculiar event took place. Ivanna knitted together urban musicians, artists, designers, models and dancers into one vivid performance called Autumn mood.

In June 2010 Ivanna organized in Odessa the First International Ethno-cultural festival Slavonic Zen. Musicians from Ukraine, Russia, Germany took part in the festival. The event got deep resonance in the press and became an annual tradition. Ethnical music and dance, martial arts, themed theatrical performances, folk craftsmens fairs, master classes, workshops and Ivan Kupala celebrating itself this is not the whole list of the 3-days festivals schedule. It also included childish unit, social, and ecological units as well.

Since December 2009 the singer regularly tours to the Western Europe, where she with the help of her friends organizes performances, interactive thematic parties, such as Yule, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Makosh praising etc. That kindles Slavonic diasporas and inhabitants vivid interest.

On the 1st of December 2010 Russian music company Bomba-Piter has released another promo album Okhota (The Hunt), which presented the compositions of independent authors. It included one of Ivannas composition.

Since November 2010 Ivanna cooperates with the folk instruments ensemble Mozaika, that unites the singers authors style and composer vision of ensembles director Aleksei Surovykh. Due to this alliance very interesting musical-theatre performance The Dreams Of Wind was created. It has appeared on the stage of philharmonic and conservatoires of Odessa, Kyiv and Nikolayev. Ivanna with the ensemble also participate international festivals and contests. The opening night of the project The Dreams Of Wind was hold in the Great Hall of the Odessa philharmonic on the 2nd of March 2011.

Nowadays the singers touring vigorously. Shes taking part in both projects - electro-folk project Satori Live Project, and electro-acoustic project Ivanna Nechay. Shes also collecting ethnographic data, organizes folk celebrations and getting ready to her new album.

In 2013 Ivanna became a professor of International school of the folk culture, art and crafts Slavonic Way in Nessebar, Bulgaria. She prosecutes creative meetings and workshops on the Slavonic rite culture, study of folklore.